Should you hire an agency or in-house?

As a creative + digital marketing agency owner, I obviously have a certain position.


However, I also think there’s numerous of occasions when building and nurturing an in-house team makes more sense. 


One of the main arguments for choosing an agency is agility. 


When hiring an agency, you’re hiring a resource that can offer a range of services and be moved from channel to channel – at least if you’re hiring a multi-channel, integrated agency.


When we work with a client, the priority is devising a strategy that works for you.


There’s a lot of work that goes into truly understanding your USP, your audience and the correct channels to reach them.


Different channels will be more profitable to specific businesses and it’s our job to identify the correct channels. 


Imagine if your business hired a great social media executive to work in house, but now you need to reach more people, so you need a PPC executive. It’s a different skillset – do you hire someone else? Do you pay to upskill your current SME? Do you dump paid social on your SME and hope they don’t sink? Do you leave it?


When you’re working with an agency that resource can be moved, and moved back, with ease.


Good agencies recognise the need for change and can respond to that change quickly and effectively.


If you know what channels works for your business - and that’s unlikely to change - then hiring a specialist in-house makes sense. 


If you’re unsure of the correct channels and need validation, or like most businesses, are navigating a constantly evolving landscape, a multi-channel agency is your best bet. 


If it’s the latter, then what you saying? 

Let’s have a chat.