Art direction, design and content creation.

We’ve created assets for numerous Ribena campaigns from product launches to brand activations and sustainability initiatives.

WYS communications supported on everything from campaign strategy, creating key visuals for campaigns and animating existing creative assets and repurposing them on social channels with taglines to capture audience’s attentions around specific calendar dates.

Ribena’s ‘Chin Up’ campaign
We helped Ribena launch their new £7m campaign, ‘Chin Up’, across their digital channels with fun new creative putting the brand’s cheeky, irreverent personality at its heart by encouraging the nation to reach for a Ribena to help them laugh through life’s awkward little stumbles.

Sparkling launch
WYS produced a range of creative assets to support the launch of the Ribena Sparkling range across shopper activations, out-of-home, digital and social media campaigns.

Sustainability initiatives
We created a digital campaign to raise awareness of Ribena’s sustainability efforts.

To support the launch of Ribena’s 100% recycled plastic, we highlighted to consumers that recycling is in our nature through the #MostRecycled campaign.

'We all love recycling experiences. Whether it’s listening to the same album, re-watching a TV series or ordering the same takeaway.

Keep recycling and help Ribena give bottles a new lease of life. As bottles.

What’s your #MostRecycled moment?'