Stroodles Eco-Tableware
#MakeASplash campaign, brand positioning and design

With Stroodles, we help consumers become more sustainable.

We created their #MakeASplash campaign to raise awareness of Stroodles’ mission to combat plastic pollution, one Stroodle at a time. Through considered audience profiling, influencer management, UGC campaigns, brand partnerships and a multi-step tailored approach, we’ve helped Stroodles reach a brand new audience of ecowarriors, from cocktail-makers to mumfluencers!

The #MakeASplash campaign has given Stroodles credibility in the highly scrutinised eco-product industry and grow this start-up’s social community over 13k, as well as increasing brand partnerships looking to leverage the success of the campaign.

We’ve also created brand guidelines, branded event kits, trade & investor assets + decks, developed a TOV, digital screens and displays for pop-ups such as Oxford Street + John Lewis, in-store FSDUs as well as packaging for their growing tableware product range – phew!

Single-use? No problem, as long as it’s Stroodles.

From day 1, WYS have understood my vision and executed on it extremely quickly and always to my full satisfaction. They really helped me build my brand assets and bring the best out of Stroodles. Stroodles wouldn't be the same without them.

- Maxim Gelmann
Founder of Stroodles Eco-Tableware