WYS go Beyond The Streets
A celebration of graffiti and street art

The WYS team visited Saatchi Gallery to experience the Beyond The Streets London exhibition and find inspiration in graffiti and street artists who have defined an art movement and inspired cultural changes around the world.

Coined as the most comprehensive graffiti and street art exhibition to open in the UK, Beyond the Streets occupied the world-renowned Saatchi Gallery featuring original art, rare ephemera, photography, immersive and site-specific installations, archival fashion, and surprises from over 150 artists, icons, rule-breakers, and mark-makers.


One aspect that I really liked about the exhibition was installations that decontextualised the original form and functionality from ordinary objects, reshaping them into new creations. This process gave new life to what was once considered ‘rubbish,’ shaping it into art.

It was a celebration of something once deemed unattractive and harsh (because of its social context), now transformed into something that has become a design trend that remains relevant in today’s world.

- Susy
Junior Creative


As someone that grew up listening to Wu Tang and Beastie Boys, this exhibition was like being thrown back into my childhood.

My favourite area was the collections of event flyers and backstage passes, I love mementos and it’s so fun to wonder who went to those events and what they got up to.

Overall, the exhibition to me shows how powerful it can be when cultures come together to make a new wave of fashion and influence, and the melting pot should be embraced.

- Lois
Graphic Design Intern


There’s no better way to inspire your next creative project than surround yourself with the works of creatives who defined culture.

The exhibition both inspired me and evoked a sense of nostalgia for times I did not live through, yet have had a profound influence on my life. From the genres of music I enjoy, to the art I have on my walls.

- Tom
Co-Founder & Creative Director


Beyond The Streets London is a celebration of graffiti’s core ethos of an innate desire for mark-making and challenging authority.

By its very nature, graffiti is ephemeral, its own existence is temporary, but the culture and it’s rebellious spirit prevails.

It’s that challenging and rebellious spirit that we can embrace as inspiration to influence the way that we think and work to help our clients break through the noise and grow.

No matter the industry, with meaningful messaging on the right canvas, we can make a mark on our audiences.