What you saying, world?

WYS Founders

We’re a team of creatives and digital marketers based in an office in a cold converted carpark in Peckham and we make up WYS communications. We deliver results through expertise across 3 core services:

Digital marketing

We create outstanding work that we’re passionate about, across a range of industries and sectors. Through bold creative campaigns and communications strategies, we grow purposeful brands that people embrace.

We’re professional, with decades of experience and a big body of amazing work with results to match, and our clients think we’re nice to work with.

And all of this came from a series of unfortunate events, starting in a pub.

WYS communications was born over a pint in the (now renamed) Rye pub in Peckham. Founders Tom and Jen (hi!) were talking about ‘one day’ combining our respective skills as a creative lead and a marketing activation manager to start a powerhouse agency of our own, and we’d call it “WYS communications”.

In London, or at least in big bad South London, “wys” stands for “What You Saying” – a question, a greeting, a challenge, and a phrase that’s well used by us. We felt it gave a glimmer of our personality, as well as providing our building blocks to tackling any brief:

Defining your vision, your purpose, and your strategy.

Developing your brand identity

Communication through marketing campaigns, brand experiences, partnerships, website, paid media, content, social and more!


Chuffed to bits with this concept, and several pints deep, we put our big hot brains on ice, ready to revisit WYS communications in many years.

Then, we lost our jobs. Covid-19 turned WYS communications from a dream to a necessity (if we wanted to maintain the lifestyle of Morley’s fried chicken and ASOS addiction to which we’d become accustomed). 

After an evening on Companies House, WYS communications was a reality. 

Was it easy? No. Is it easy now? Hell no. But three things carried us through:

1) We know what we’re good at and we communicated that honestly.
2) We nurtured a network who trusted us to deliver great work and allowed us to scale our team when we needed.
3) We literally couldn’t fail, or we’d be f*cked.

We wouldn’t recommend the last point, but it can be a great motivator.

The last couple years have been brutal for startups.
Tightening budgets and the constant rise in prices from software and service providers are placing increasing strain on the startup community.

That's why we created our tiered, integrated packages to give all start-ups access to elite growth strategies and stand out creativity without having to shell out thousands of pounds to multiple partners.

All the creative + digital marketing services you need to grow, compiled into extremely cost-effective packages.

So, wys? Got a brief for us, or just fancy a chat about what you could be doing next?

Get in touch.